Sumner County

Construction I II III - Sumner County

Wellington, KS


Construction I II III

Pay Level 4, 6, 8- non exempt

$10.12-$24.32 per hour

Sumner County offers KPERS, Group Life Insurance, single Health Insurance paid, Dental and Vision available for minimal employee contribution, paid Holidays, sick and vacation leave accrual

Sumner County Road and Bridge schedule is M-Th 4 10's


Construction I

Sumner County                                                                                           Road and Bridge

Pay Level  4 - Non-exempt


Position Summary


Under the supervisory direction of a Road and Bridge sub-department Manager and/or Foreman, the Construction I position performs skilled and unskilled work in maintaining county roads, bridges, right-of-ways, and culverts. Work involves performing manual tasks and the operation of various mechanical and power tools, and heavy equipment. A valid Kansas Commercial Driver’s License must be obtained and maintained within three (3) months of employment. The position is under the overall supervision of the Road and Bridge Director and/or Superintendent. Work is subject to review by supervisory personnel.  


Essential Functions


  • Operates heavy equipment such as a motor grader, roller, power broom, high loader, chip spreader, compactor, crane and other heavy equipment;

  • Operates light and heavy trucks;

  • Breaks up asphalt on roads needing repair or replacement;

  • Cuts, lays, and covers pipe;

  • Digs, compacts, and covers trenches for disposal of refuse;

  • Performs finished grading operations;

  • Operate welders, cutting torches in bridge construction;

  • Patches road and bridge surfaces;

  • Performs bridge maintenance work such as mowing road ditches, installing and maintaining culverts, and filling washouts;

  • Rebuilds roads and bridges;

  • Performs light maintenance and servicing of work in connection with the operations of related equipment;

  • Transports and spreads materials such as soil, gravel, rock, asphalt, and sand;

  • Installs and replaces road signs;

  • Performs removal of snow and debris from roads and bridges.



    Marginal Functions


  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned;

  • Attends training seminars and classes as required by Director and/or Superintendent;

  • May be required to cross train in other suitable county departments.


Construction I – Road and Bridge

Position Requirements


Experience: No experience required. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well after six months in the position.


Education: High school diploma or GED preferred. Must obtain and maintain a valid Kansas Commercial Driver’s License within three (3) months of employment.


Technical Skills: Ability to proficiently and safely operate various pieces of mechanical and power tools and heavy equipment. Ability to follow oral and written instructions. Ability to deal tactfully with other persons and to communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing.


Problem Solving: Limited problem solving exists in relation to the daily performance of departmental functions, assigned tasks, and/or work.


Decision Making: Limited decision making responsibilities.   Most tasks and work assigned is according to standard procedures or guidelines.


Supervision: Work performance is reviewed by supervisory personnel. Employee does not have supervisory responsibilities over personnel.


Financial Accountability: Employee is accountable for the reporting of any valuables or property discovered during the course of work. Employee is not responsible for budgetary control of department and does not participate in the annual department budgetary process.


Personal Relations: Occasional contact with other county departments and the general public.


Working Conditions: Some hazardous working conditions may exist in this position relating to the operation of heavy equipment, various mechanical and power tools, and working on or near traveled roadways. Strenuous working conditions and working in adverse weather are factors in this position. Some overtime hours may occasionally be required.


Physical requirements: To perform the duties of this job, the employee must have fine and gross manual dexterity. Ability to lift up to one hundred (100) pounds. Ability to walk, bend, stoop, kneel and climb ladders and/or stairs.